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Exceeds Expectations

My son attended the Academy of Learners for almost a year. He started when he was 7 months old and is now 18 months old. When I was first searching for a place to care for my son I didn’t want a place that would just “watch” him but a place that would teach him and truly love him as I do. During my search I knew I found that place when I interviewed with Ms. Sandy and Ms. Leslie at Academy of Learners. They have gone above and beyond my expectations in providing exceptional care to my son. They have taught him many things such as how to share, follow directions and respect others. The Academy of Learners has provided my son a strong foundation of early learning skills while encouraging him to blossom in his social and physical development. My son has always felt very comfortable and safe in their loving home. I appreciate everything that Ms. Leslie and Ms. Sandy have done for me even the little things such as texting me a photo of my son happily playing with others to brighten my day. Their communication with me has always been excellent. Now that my son is 18 months old I decided to place him in the same preschool as his big sister. I loved my experience with the Academy of Learners and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place that has a nurturing, caring and professional approach to child care. Ms. Leslie and Ms. Sandy will forever have a special place in our hearts. Thank you Academy of Learners!– S.J. (2015-2016)

Great place to work!

I’ve subbed for many, many day cares, but this one has a personal touch that takes it to a whole other level. Very organized, safe and full of love with cuddles.

— L.E. (2015-2016)

Our daughter has thrived!

When I called about setting up an interview, I had just fired the last daycare and was really nervous about putting my child in another daycare that would not provide safe care. Leslie was wonderful and made me feel at ease within 15 min of calling and drilling about their policies and why we should go with them. We spent over 30 min on the phone before deciding to even set up the interview. During the interview process, we spent almost an hr having all of our concerns addressed. Going with Sandra and Leslie has been the best decision we could have made for our child. Our child has thrived in this environment and loves it there. We cannot stop telling our friends looking for quality childcare how awesome Leslie and Sandra have been to us. We cannot imagine our child going anywhere else.

— K.A. (2015-2016)

Top 5% of their class

Ms Leslie watched my twins from the time they were two until they were four. When they entered kindergarten I was thrilled to find out that their placement scores put them in the top 5% of the incoming kindergarten class!

— Thomas Family (2008-2010)

Best Preschool Ever

This is the BEST Preschool Ever!!!! In less than a week we have seen DRASTIC changes in our son!!! He is using reasoning, math, learning his alphabet, numbers, and much more!!!! The change is AWESOME!!!!

— A.D. (2014-2015)

Welcomed us from day 1

Ms Leslie welcomed my son into her program and from day one I picked up a happy infant! Two years later he knew all of his letters and numbers… and at age four he was already working on first grade material.

— Carrie. (2006-2010)

Helped us catch up!

Our daughter started with Ms Leslie when she was 4. She was behind in so many skills. Although Ms Leslie only had T for one year she entered kindergarten ahead of her classmates!

— Jess N. (2009-2010)

Individual Attention

Ms Leslie gave our daughter the individual attention she needed that larger centers could not. Being a high functioning autistic child she has special needs. Ms Leslie worked with us and her healthy meals, small class sizes, and home environment gave her the self-confident to succeed. She was able to start kindergarten in a regular classroom instead of being in the specials class.

— S.K. (2007-2010)

Problem Child to Manageable Child

My son was a ‘problem child’ when it came to behavior. Ms Leslie worked with us the year before he entered public school and helped to get his behavior under control. The difference was amazing! He went from yelling and not following directions to being well mannered and polite — and loving to learn new things.

— Shannon. (2008-2008)

Great with foster kids…

As a foster parent I was looking for somewhere that had an exceptional program… and had the compassion to work with children from difficult backgrounds. Ms Leslie was on the ball. Even when I called with an emergency placement she was able to take them into her program and make them feel at home. My oldest foster child, 4th grade, had failed the state test the year before I received her. With Ms Sandy’s help she was able to not only pass the state test in 4th grade but was recommended.

— Krista. (2007)